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This is your opportunity to connect with all your friends from high school. Make sure you encourage them to come to the reunion and our Friday night mixer at Cloverleaf.


I will always be grateful for the organizers work to put this together. BRAVO! Our

lives have been touched forever. Life is short. Thank you. All the best for to everyone. 

Robert Temkow
Great 50th reunion

Thanks so much for the great reunion. Everything went so well with all the food, drink, music and the 'young crowd'. Mary and I were glad we got the info from Jon Olzewski in time. We had dropped of the radar for some unk reason.  Al and Mary Schneider.                      

Alan Schneider
Amazing Event!

My husband Phil and I had a GREAT time at the reunion.  Thanks to those who organized this event, you did an amazing job.

Jerry's band was more than music, it was true entertainment.  It was so engaging, he was able to get a lot of creaky 68 years olds out there on the dance floor.  We sang along, we bopped on our chairs along.  It was so much fun!

I loved seeing faces from the past.  Such a collective body of life stories out there.

I'm so glad I attended.

Camilla Vought Tate

Camilla Vought Tate
Remembering and connecting...

Dear Committee and friends,

A huge thank you to all of you who worked so hard to make our reunion such a great event. You thought of every detail to give us an evening that was so well organized, welcoming, and one we will long remember. Thank you for the many hours you dedicated to bring all of us together! It was such a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with dear friends and to share memories that brought it all back. I feel very fortunate to have been a part of this reunion and the incredible people who are the Class of '66! 

Teresa Pitts

Teresa Sciortino
Thanks to everyone on the Committee and Jerry's Band

A Big Thanks to everyone that were involved in organizing and worked to make this 50th Reunion a success !!

And the food and music were great, too.  Special thanks to Jerry & his Band !!

I peersonally had a great time !!   Looking forward to the 60th  !!

Jim VanDenBerghe

Jim VanDenBerghe
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