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This is your opportunity to connect with all your friends from high school. Make sure you encourage them to come to the reunion and our Friday night mixer at Cloverleaf.

More Registrations!

A special thanks to Jan Hemme, Susan Matt Keller and Monte Elias for being the next group to register for the reunion party. JIm Strowbridge, I am waiting on you!

Prudence Cole
Where has the time gone?

I SO look forward to our 50th reunion and mourn the passing of our classmates who have gone before us.  It will be a time to reconnect and relive HS experiences!    Beware of the basketball team reliving that LAST SHOT 50 years ago.  It's etched in their minds and recalled perfectly!  It will be a great 2 day event and I hope many will consider the milestone and attend if they haven't in the past.  Wonderful music, lots of laughter, and shared stories will make this the best ever EDHS reunion!

Laura Koster
Yeah! First Reunion Registrations

A special shout out to Bob Thomas and Fred Roll for being the first two to register for the reunion! Thank you guys, very encouraging.

Prudence "Prudy" Cole
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